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22 JUNI 2022









12 JUNI &

17 JULI 2022







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10 NOV 2022


Release 'Dámelo' DJ Diephuis collab 




Start kinderkoor Pompidou!

(meertalig, body percussie & impro!) (Nuenen)




Workshops 'Omgaan met Conflicten' (Nuenen)





Online Oefensessie NVC -Oefengroep NL




 Online Workshop tijdens het 'Online GC Festival' over het model van Geweldloze Communicatie









 Hi there! I'm Maria, I like helping people, either with matters related to music or not.


I'm currently developing a mental training method based on Nonviolent Communication, working as a freelance communication trainer and coach for the Conscious Collective and am preparing for the recording of some music, to be recorded for and at times with my two little girls and focusing on songs I have written for them, around them or with them.




             Bachelor of Music - Jazz Vocals - ArtEZ Conservatory
             Master of Music - Vocals - Codarts University for the Arts

                               Certified Master Teacher in EVT 



   Nonviolent Communication - International Intensive Training 


   Nonviolent Communication - Ai-opener Institute (Jaaropleiding)


   CNVC Certification Canditate / Nonviolent Communication